I am a proud member of United against Racism

As a councillor, I would vow to resist all forms of racism, and have signed the http://www.united-against-racism.net/anti-racism-pledge-for-european-and-local-elections-2019/

It was anti- racism that first brought into contact with socialist ideas. Little by little, I started to understand the economic structures that underpin the history of racism.

Humans are not naturally racist. But imperialism and capitalism have needed ideological justifications.

As a socialist, but more importantly, as a human being, I see it as my absolute duty to fight racism on every front.

Whether it’s the institutional racism of fortress Europe, our Direct Provision system, or the racist ideas being propagated by emergent far- right voices, I will fight until the world sees that the only way forward is tolerance and welcome to our migrant brothers and sisters, and the understanding that we are all part of one race, the human race.