Siomha Ni Aonghusa

It’s our future, our voice!

Every day, we wake up to more news of the trouble we’re in, the destruction of our planet, the worst housing crisis in the history of the state. My generation didn’t make these decisions yet, we are the ones who are left to deal with the disastrous consequences.

I can’t tell how depressing it feels, to be facing into a future where i have no hope of ever owning a home, where if I choose to become a parent, i will likely be pressured out of the workforce by astronomical childcare costs- at €700 euro pm, they are the highest in Europe! 

To have a home, a family, and a decent standard of living are rights that everybody deserves, yet my generation are left in complete precarity, unable to move into these stages of life.

You can get depressed about it, or you can recognise that we have the power to change things. And that’s what I’ve chosen to do.

I was a Together for Yes co-ordinator for the Pembroke area that helped to secure one of the highest YES votes for Repeal in the whole country.

I have been part of the vibrant climate movement that we have seen in the past year. 

I set up a campaign called I Welcome, to raise awareness about the appalling institutional racism of the Direct provision system.

I was part of the Take Back the City campaign, and the National Housing and Homeless Coalition- we are building a housing movement that is steadily growing, with another national protest called for May 18th. 

I am tired of being represented by conservative men. In this area, for example, one councillor, Dermot Lacey, has been on the council for 26 years. 

We need to break from the current set- up, where councillors enjoy cosy positions and the perks that come with it, and so, will never truly challenge the system. I have no interest in going on junkets. I have no interest in sitting on quangos. I am interested in one thing- fighting for my future, and for the future of the planet. 

It is time to put a young radical woman into Dublin City Council! The change that began with Repeal is here to stay.